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BAMN Fitness is a gym offering the necessary tools for powerlifting, olympic lifting, body building, recreational weightlifting and general fitness. Break through your limits with our 50 feet of AstroTurf. Although we don’t carry traditional cardio machines, we offer alternative cardio equipment in our turf room but will continuously expand based on our members’ needs.


BAMN Fitness is a home to our members. We strive to foster a positive, friendly, and motivational atmosphere where you can work out to your fullest potential. We were formed specifically for those tired of the exhausting fees, contracts, rules, and cold atmosphere of commercial gyms.


BAMN Fitness is a family, a network, of supportive friendships between people from all different backgrounds who share the unique drive to become stronger, healthier, and more confident.


The BAMN Fit Family would love to meet you, and we welcome you to workout with us today…By Any Means Necessary!


our  Facility

Our facility features all of the equipment you could ever need. We have 2000lbs of plates, machines, artificial turf, and up to 150 lb dumbbells.

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